Tom Dietz: 2018 Speaker

Tom Dietz: 2018 Speaker

Jason Pertile: 2018 Speaker

Mike Mladenik: 2018 Speaker

Seminar Room A


3:00 – Show Opens

5:00-Jason Przekurat-New Era For Jigging Walleyes

6:00-Larry Smith-Tips And Techniques For Walleye And Pan Fish On The Winnebago System

7:00-Greg Wierzba- Walleyes on the Bay of Green Bay

8:00 Chad Wiskow- Big Water Walleye Tactics

9:00- Show Closes



9:00-Show opens

11:00-Korey Sprengel- Weeds And Walleyes

12:00-“Ranger” Rick Krueger, Tom Dietz, Mike Caldarazzo- Question and Answer Muskie Panel

1:00 Chad Wiskow- A Better understanding of your Lowrance  Electronics.

2:00-Korey Sprengel- Winnebago Walleyes

3:00-Tom Dietz-5 Key Steps For Boating More Muskies

4:00 Greg Wierzba- Multi Species on the Bay of Green Bay



10:00-Show Opens

10:30 Chad Wiskow- A Deeper Look into Crawler Harnesses and Spoon Rigs

11:30-Jason Przekurat-Walleyes and Electronics

12:30-Brett Jolly- Jigging for Walleyes on the Bay

1:30 Greg Wierzba- Walleyes on the Bay of Green BaY

4:00-Show Closes


Seminar Room B


3:00- Show Opens

4:00- Rob Korth- Green Bay Small mouth

5:00- Rob Korth- Locating Northern Wisconsin Bass

6:00-Mike Mladenik- Large Mouth/Small Mouth Bass in Every Season

9:00- Show Closes



9:00- Show Opens

12:00- Steve Mortenson- Winnebago Bass

2:00-Mike Caldarazzo- Muskies & Pike: Strategies For Putting Giants In The Boat

5:00-Mike Mladenik- Large Mouth/Small Mouth Bass in Every Season

6:00 – Jason Pertile- 4 Season Crappies

7:00- Show Closes



10:00- Show Opens

10:30- Jason Pertile- 4 Season Crappies

11:30- Mike Mladenik- Large/Small Mouth Bass in Every Season

12:30-Steve Mortenson- Winnebago Bass

1:30-Jason Pertile-4 Season Crappies

4:00- Show Closes


Tom Dietz is a musky educator and professional musky guide based out of Breezy Point, Minnesota.  He was the National Sales Manager for Joe Bucher Tackle for nine years and writes for Musky Hunter Magazine, Badger Sportsman, and other regional publications.  He is an instructor at the annual Monster Quest Musky Trip on Lake of the Woods based out of Wiley Point Lodge each summer.   Tom has boated muskies in nine different states as well as Ontario.  He is sponsored by Recon Boats, Evinrude Outboards, 13 Fishing, Muskie Bumper, and Drifter Tackle
Jason Pertile 20+ years guiding in Vilas, Oneida and Forest counties for multi-species.  As well as a certified charter captain fishing the waters of Green Bay.
“Ranger” Rick Krueger Eagle River Wisconsin Professional Walleye and Musky guide since 1980. Founder of Guides Choice Fishing Schools since 1997 Historically the only musky guide to catch 3 LEGAL Wisconsin musky simultaneously on October 21, 2001.